Welcome to ELCS

If you have arrived here, perhaps you are looking for help, support or answers. ELCS can help you if you need a trained professional to listen to you without judgement while you explore whatever it is that is troubling you.

Sometimes friends can offer a listening ear and this can be helpful but quite often, whilst meaning well, they might take your side and fight your corner leaving you little space to actually work out what you might want to do for yourself. This can be confusing and may reduce your ability for clear thinking.

Counsellors won’t tell you what to do or what to think. They don’t take sides and they don’t offer advice.

Instead, what you can expect is to be accepted fully for who you are and for you to be treated with respect and dignity. You can expect to be listened to by your counsellor who will take time to reflect back what you are saying and to offer insights into what they are hearing. They will help you make connections between different threads of your life, whether they are all in the present or whether some link between past and present.

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